Here’s a complete list of all my upcoming projects with short descriptions!

Instinct | M/M thriller + alpha/omega trope | ~50,000 words
Status: first draft — CURRENT PROJECT, Twitter tag #omegaversebook, Tumblr tag instinct

FBI hopeful and alpha Colt Calzada has been given the chance he’s always dreamed about. Now a temporary part of an elite team of agents whose goal is to break apart the booming alpha/omega sex slave trade, he hopes people will finally see him for his capability and his fieldwork—not his A/O status.

When his director promises him a real badge and a permanent place in the branch, Colt is elated. All he has to do is wrap his current assignment: infiltrating local organizer Harlan Swallow’s slave ring. Colt has been working for months to present himself as a sleazy, opportunistic potential buyer, and he’s convinced he’s got the bust in the bag.

But he doesn’t.

Captured, drugged, and forced into close quarters with Dylan, an omega who’s been induced into heat, Colt realizes Swallow’s trade isn’t sexual slavery at all. It’s something much darker. And if he wants to get himself and Dylan out alive, he’ll have to beat Swallow at all of his own torturous games.

Cinderella Boy with Heidi Belleau | M/M contemporary | ~40,000 words
Status: first draft

On the day Bailey Harrington turns eighteen, his stepfather Victor presents him with a gift: a girl’s dress. And he’s expected to wear it to his birthday party–which will be attended by all Victor’s rich, power-hungry friends and colleagues.

To Bailey’s horror, he realizes that in the wake of his mother’s death three years ago, Victor used his grief to manipulate him into signing a contract. Bailey will have pay back the $480,000 he owes Victor for his private school education in exchange for Victor allowing him to live in his house until he was eighteen. With no way to pay back the money in monthly increments and no way to put himself through university, Bailey is forced to agree to Victor’s new deal: sell his body for one year to anyone Victor wants.

In a year full of misery, wealthy undercover activist/journalist Dominic Hartley is the sole bright spot. He hates Victor and his friends as much as Bailey does–and he’s working on a plan to expose their deadly sins on the internet. Bailey is thrilled to feed Dom all the incriminating information he wants, and Dom quickly becomes the one person he can really trust. The nights Bailey spend with Dominic are a safe haven from the hell that is his life,  but will Dom still want him when the year’s up?

Dead Ringer with Heidi Belleau | M/M contemporary | ~50,000 words
Status: on the back burner until summer 2014

Brandon Ringer is going nowhere fast. He’s a high school dropout, disowned by his parents for being gay, and thanks to the chip on his shoulder, he can’t hold down a job. He’s also the grandson of cult-icon James Ringer, a 1950s movie star heartthrob who died in his prime, but not only that, Brandon looks like his grandfather, too. Enter Hollywood Doubles Escort Service, a boutique website that matches rich clients with celebrity lookalikes…